Our goal is to operate a teen center that meets the needs of the Eaton Rapids area.

From the start it has been our priority to include both adults and teens in our teen center project.  We welcome any interested persons who would like to join us, either on an ongoing basis or to help with specific projects or programs.

We have hired a director to run the center, and who will work with a parent advisory board, a teen advisory board, and ERATI on an ongoing basis to develop the center’s programs and policies.

We want to encourage volunteers to lead classes/programs, tutor, and supervise activities.

The center focuses on youth from 6th through 12th grade.

There also may be opportunities to coordinate with other organizations in the area, so some activities might take place at locations other than our teen center.

The majority of teens and adults in the Eaton Rapids area who took our online survey would like a teen center to provide the following:

  • A safe, supervised place for teens to go to after school hours.
  • Physical activity such as basketball, gaga ball or exercise/fitness programs
  • A study area for doing homework and using computers
  • Individual tutoring
  • An area for socializing, playing board/card games, etc…
  • Food
  • Areas to explore creative activities such as art, music, writing, crafts, etc…
  • Programs/classes for enrichment, technical training, teaching life skills, etc…
  • Opportunities for teens to do volunteer work in our community

We expect the funding for operational costs to come from grants, donations from individuals, businesses, churches, fundraising events, and other possible income-producing activities.

Yes – Together we can do this!